A portion of a hockey game. There are three periods of 20 minutes each; if the score is tied at the end of the third period, there will be one or more overtime periods.
After the second period, I went to the washroom.
by RexGibson January 31, 2004
A bloody horrific mess that descends from the female of the human species once a month, Side effects include extreme bitchiness , violent outbursts , occasional discovery of bloody pads whilst cleaning ones teeth in the morning, an unpleasant fish market smell rising from the females genitals and in extreme cases has led to the male of the species receiving a mouth full of blood during the act of oral sex.
All humans should stay a safe distance from the woman until the period has passed and she returns to her normal level of bitchiness.
My girlfriend was on her Period and forgot to tell me one night , I was rather drunk and so failed to notice the smell of a fish market coming from her lower regions. As a result I obtained a blood squirt to the mouth while attempting to perform oral sex on her which in turn caused me to yell at her , starting a chain reaction that resulted in a violent outburst rendering me in hospital for one week. The week following the period incident I returned home and she had returned to her normal health. Now I stay with my parents once a month as a precaution.
by destinationanywhere November 12, 2013
The seasonal flow of blood from the female vagina. Also called menstruation. It may give u cramps and things like that.
Girl 1: poor Kate had to sit out a t gym time because she got a cramp
Girl 2: maybe she had her period
by Lizi jones April 17, 2011
Picture this.... You are a 17 year old girl. You go to school with some bitchy ass preps, your ex, and one friend who you actually see around the school on a daily basis. You bleed through your pants without a change in clothes, you have stomach cramps all day, and people were embarrassed to be seen with you because you look like shit. You go home needing someone to understand you, waterproof mascara, new pants and a damn Hershey bar. This goes on for 6 more days
Guy 1: How'd you get that black eye?
Guy 2: Girlfriend's on her period, she threw a brush at me.
Girl in the background: KEVIN WHERE'S MY CHOCOLATE BAR?
by TheOriginalLlama May 03, 2015
The time of month when a girl becomes more horny.
Who's going to fuck me when I'm in my period?
by pussy cats November 05, 2014
God's way of tell a woman she is not pregnant.
"Kayla, do you have a pad? I am on my period."
by AnUnCoolGirl August 31, 2014
When you are honorably discharged from the uterine navy. It happens more ofter than you think.
Friend: Why are you crying?
Friend: Period?

Me: Period.

(P.S. Maybe period can be our always.)
by Booty_observer January 12, 2015
Periods...it's what us girls have every month. The inside of the uterus tears itself apart and it's excrushiatingly painful. Blood will clot, you will get migraines, you will feel like vomiting, hormones will go crazy...and before I got my period I used to think it was just some stereotype or something to crave chocolate on your period...well, it's no stereotype. It's real. And this lasts for 5-8 days, depending on the person.
*period arrives*

Welp, looks like my uterus is practicing giving birth again.
by Snowy reflections April 14, 2014
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