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A portion of a hockey game. There are three periods of 20 minutes each; if the score is tied at the end of the third period, there will be one or more overtime periods.
After the second period, I went to the washroom.
by RexGibson January 31, 2004
49 60
Mandatory hell. Cause of penis envy.
if you dont like it, men, go fuck yourselves.
by Erin February 19, 2005
403 186
A time where the world turns against you, and nobody does anything right. Where women get to scream, and be as bitchy as possible. Basically, a whole weeks worth of anger, midol, pain, much time spent for bathroom breaks, and checking your ass every second to see if your covered.
"How was your day?"
"Oh great.. Mother nature brought me my period.. bitch"
by JZbby April 20, 2009
348 133
when a woman bleeds from her happy hole

takes up a stupid length of a womans life.

glad im not female.
"urgh. whats that? why's your body bleeding? from that hole? that's not fun at all!"
by lordblunkey May 14, 2005
425 238
The menstruation cycle happens once a month every 27-30 days. Tiny cells that get fertilized when you are pregnant, come out of your body in a blood like form because when they enter your uterus they collect a lot of blood and then leave the body. This occurs because the body produces eggs so you can get pregnant, but when they are not being used they leave the body, therefore you get your period once a month. Some girls can get their period from age 9-18. Side-effects include; bloating, cramps, fatigue, vomitting, and others.
I got my period this morning, and my stomache kills like fuck.
by Melissa Ann x3 September 15, 2005
302 138
by Costa123 August 25, 2008
241 79
A time a woman's vagina bleeds. It's annoying to both males and females.

Will often cause a girl to go from calm and sane (well, at least as calm and sane as a girl can get) to violent, batshit insane and irrational.

Note to all guys: Stay the fuck away from a girl on her period unless you like getting hulk smashed 20 feet below the ground.
"Jenny is on her period."
"Yeah. I'm now missing 7 teeth and an eyeball."
by rico567 June 29, 2009
183 45
They suck.
Commas rule.
"Because periods suck!

And commas rule!

This is Sex Education, not grammar fool!"

-I Set My Friends on Fire & Smosh
by Atlas15 May 10, 2010
156 52