A portion of a hockey game. There are three periods of 20 minutes each; if the score is tied at the end of the third period, there will be one or more overtime periods.
After the second period, I went to the washroom.
by RexGibson January 31, 2004
Without giving you the detailed meaning of the word lets make this easier for you to understand.


When a girl's cunt starts bleeding for at least a week. :]
Does that explain it well enough?
Aww fuck! No sex for a week I got my period! Gah I hate being on my rag!
by Perfect Imperfection. February 18, 2008
the time every month when your girlfriend goes insane and acts like a bitch. in certain more insane girls increases the risk of her simply deciding that she no longer wants a boyfriend.
fuck, my girl is on her period again... maybe I'll go get a hotel room for a week this time

bitches be crazy
by bitches be crazy August 04, 2008
A bloody waste of fucking time.
Dan: Man, my sister's on her period.
Me: What a bloody waste of time. I just wanna fuck her again already.
by Fried Donut April 02, 2006
An excuse for girls to complain and bitch for 3 weeks out of each month. They say it only lasts a week but the symptoms always seem to last for the week before in stress of it coming, and the week after because apparently no knows wat they are going through.
Guy1 "dude, my girl is having her period"
Guy2 "Week 1, 2 or 3?"
by blue balls mcgee December 11, 2007
blow job week! misleading. it truly is the best week ever for bros
sweet my my girlfriend is blowing me all week
by not wyatt July 23, 2005
5 to 7 days of hell for all men.
Man: Hey what's up, babe?
Man: Holy shit you must be on your period. Must be that time of the month!
by Batman0081 January 24, 2008
High-concentrated cooties that is usually caused by an excess of the toxin.
This form of cootie is so dangerous that upon exiting the female pee hole, it instantly causes the "period-er" to bleed, sometimes for weeks on end.
"Dearest Paul, I have just recently recieved my cootie shot"

"That is good to hear, my close friend, Robert. But you musn't turn a blind eye to the incredible toxicity of the period. Seventeen Magazine just recently reported that new technologies are currently being sought for due to the period's ability to tear through modern period diapers/plugs."
by cLee9191 July 10, 2008

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