1. A monthly cycle a female goes through, where the lining from the uterus is shed through the vagina. Overall, periods are what enable a woman to produce children; before receiving her firt period, she is unable to. Usually, the period lasts anywhere from 2 to 7 days, and it starts when a girl is usually aged 10 to 14. Women get their monthy period untill around 50 or 60. Although some women can get moody, and receive upper leg cramps and tender breasts throughout their period, not every woman experiences this.

2. Punctuation used to indicate the end of a sentence. The period looks like so; . and can be replaced by an exclamation mark or question mark, which express different emotions in a sentence. A period shows a regular sentence, whereas an exlcamation mark shows surprize or excitement, and a question mark is placed after a question.

3. A certain length of time. "Period" overall is used to describe time; such as "a period of pain." "Span", such as a "span of 4 hours" is a synonym for period.
1. "My monthly period is finally over!"
2. "A period is used at the end of a sentence, such as this one."
1) "The period where a young person's body changes rapidly and greatly is called puberty."
2) "1:00am to 6:00am was a period of pain for me last night, as I woke up and could not get back to sleep."
3) "Sharks migrate to the north oceans in a period of about 10 days."
by EditorialStar June 13, 2007
Top Definition
1. A period of pure agony for a female, lasting way too long. Signs of this state include screaming at anything that moves, rolling around on the couch in pain, and spending hours with cold water and stain remover.
2. A useful thing that ends a scentence, that does not exist for most l337 people.
2. "Use a period for once, goddamnit."
by Shatose October 27, 2003
Something I somewhat enjoy getting every month because its my body's way of letting me know I haven't gotten knocked up.
Hooray, I got my period! I'm not pregnant!
*two seconds later*
Aw shit, I got my period. Now no sex for a week!
by dolphin February 24, 2005
The greatest excuse/scapegoat in the world.
"Sorry I can't today, I'm on my period."
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) August 02, 2005
God's monthly torture towards women for Eve's mistake
I'm on my period, don't fuck with me!
by boredusachick November 27, 2004
The most fucking annoying thing on Earth (except Crazy Frog).

No wonder they call it "the monthly curse".
Contrary to popular belief, you actually can have sex during your/your girlfriend's period. It's pretty gross for both parties, though, so I don't recommend it.
by ~souba~ November 18, 2005
When a woman sheds her uteras lining. Starts as early in soem girls as age 8 and as late as age 18. Happens about ever 28 days, could be more or less. Happens for 5-7 days. Could be less (lucky!) or more.
Basically when blood comes out of a womans vagina. Creates cramps and bloating.
I can't swim right now, I have my period.
by allymcmally25 September 25, 2004
The time of the month when female hormones wage a bloody battle against said female. An unfertilized egg that had sauntered down from the ovaries through the falliopian tubes and been stood up by its date, sperm, and the lining of the uterus become the refugees of the battle, and flee through the vagina, and on to the poor female's panties. Sometimes though, the female loses her war-ravaged mind, and thinking she can stop the misery, shoves a wad of cotton up her twat. This, like many peace-keeping efforts, fails frequently.
It was a period of strife.
by Sabine Monster June 01, 2006
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