when you're on your period and you fart and it moves between your vaginal flaps and you feel the bubble of period explode on your pad.
oh my god, i just totally had a period fart.. why did i wear a pad??
by connieeeeeeeeeeee March 11, 2008
Top Definition
A period fart can be twofold. First, it can be a pussy fart, which can be particularily stinky, as nasty emissions of varying substances are being passed out of this orifice at this point in time. Secondly, it can be a conventional fart that's a foul stench coming from the anus generated in part by the hormonal effects of the perpetrator's period. The distinction being that the first smells like rotten dead fish and/or burnt rubber. The second smells like a warehouse full of rotton eggs.
Occasionally she'll hit me with a period fart. It's usually followed up by a 'what the fuck are lookin at?!' expression. This is just one more example of what we men are expected to tolerate when we hook up with a female. Remember guys: your best option is to 'test drive', but never 'buy'.
by Big Ed Moustapha March 29, 2010
n. An infamous variation of both the shart and the silent-but-deadly. Only occurring in menstruating women, this fart requires no extra push to get it out- it just glides under and through the inner labia and, if present, onto the pad, taking some period blood with it. Some say that this is actually a period queef, but either way, it stinks. The odor can vary. Sometimes it smells of rotten period, dead fish, sulfur, or even a combination of the three. It varies from vagina to vagina.

v. To expel a period fart (see above).
A couple is having a romantic dinner.

Man: "Are you on your period?"

Woman *period fart* "No, of course not!"

Man: "OH HOLY SHIT YES YOU ARE!" *passes out*
by Swushi November 03, 2009

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