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Describes a person.Something that is so great that you can't even explain. It is something beautiful. it is something you want in a person. You just cant get enough of it. Also knows as Kirsten
Guy 1: isn't that girl perfection
Guy 2: yes she's Kirsten obviously
by Whyareyousoperf22 May 24, 2013
The most fashionable girl you would ever meet. She takes great care of her appearance and love to be the center of attention. She is real beauty. I wish I was named Eczabella. How adventurous, and mysterious.
She loves sex in the outdoor, she is very giving and believes in love. When she is in love she is the most beautiful and radiant person ever. She is perfection!
She is flawless. She is also very very clever.
by Michaella L December 12, 2012
One Direction
one direction=perfection
by Directioner Forever August 08, 2012
Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness, a quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence.
''Her face was flawless, she had achieved perfection.''

''Well they are defiantly an Alexander Johns.''
by hpsorce July 26, 2012
What is the definition of perfection?
Kelsey, duhh.
by SKohl May 06, 2012
Perfection in someone is when you can't find a way to describe them in words, and when actions couldn't help you express to them how perfect they are. But if you tried to describe them, it would sort of go like this: Perfection is the awesomest, most incredible, beautiful, joy-bringing, and greatest person you can think of in the whole entire solar system!
You know that moment when you think about how you could have a better wife and certain things about her could be different? If you have, then you're not married to Taylor Midori Maddox, the epitome of Perfection, and I just feel bad for you because you aren't as lucky and blessed as I.
by Chase HD October 28, 2011
Michael Scott
That's what she said. -The World's Greatest Boss (is perfection)
by gabmar October 26, 2011
David Beckham is the definition of perfection!!!! <3
Celine: dont you think david beckham is just pure perfection?!
Tina: beyond perfect!
by baggerssssssss May 30, 2011