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Being amazing
In One Direction
Or Damon Fizzy
Or Ed Sheeran
One Direction is the definition of perfection.
Please, have you seen Damon Fizzy?
by FizzyBaby December 10, 2012
True beauty in all aspects, without any flaws and quite simply 'perfect.' In other words: Abbey Rugg, a girl that has no room for improvement, need not be changed in anyway, brings joy to all those around her at all times, and has brought a certain guy to be happier than he ever thought he ever could be. - Perfection.
Abbey, when I look into your beautiful eyes, I see true perfection. <3
by The single luckiest guy everr December 30, 2010
see also. 'Rachel Mcadams'
A=B then Rachel Mcadams=perfection, therefore perfection is Rachel Mcadams.
by Hewhoiswise1 July 27, 2010
James Spencer Robinson
I Know You Might Get alot Of The But Please Post This Cos James Spencer Robinson Is Perfection In My Eyes xxxxx
by AmyBabyy :) July 05, 2010
MJF. Beautiful. Perfect. Amazing.
MJF and DMJT create perfection.
by Fluffy1113 September 21, 2009
Perfection is a state of mind. One must be ignorant to the hidden flaws for something to be perfect, for in this universe, there is no room for perfection...and yet it is all around us.
the more you think about it the more you realize how true it is, this is what perfection is
by JordansInsanity July 25, 2009
Having absolutely no flaws.
Matthew K. ❤😘

"Matthew is such perfection, I love him so much."
by Pwincesslexx February 28, 2013
Simply WWE's Dolph Ziggler aka Nick Nemeth :D
I am Perfection
by Pseudonym1235 August 11, 2011