Being amazing
In One Direction
Or Damon Fizzy
Or Ed Sheeran
One Direction is the definition of perfection.
Please, have you seen Damon Fizzy?
by FizzyBaby December 10, 2012
Is in the form of an adorable, sexy little munchkin. A watermelon and Pop tart loving shit. One who hates spiders and sloths. The greatest partner you could ask for, a real sex God too. Loyal, loving and posses the ability to make you feel beyond special. He is also known as Kol Mikaelson; the egotistical whacko.
My boyfriend: Kol, is the definition of Perfection.
Oh is that Kol, he is perfection, dayum.
by IAmTheBozz May 22, 2014
Your flaws and imperfections add up to the most beautifully amazing person ever
Ikia is pure perfection, just like darlis and Kelly.
by Notmadisonorjulia123 March 16, 2014
Perfection is when tou do everything with no mistakes

Have perfect hair
Are flawless
Are sexy in everyway
And everyone loves them<3
Like one direction basicly
Cece: "perfection"?
Sammi: you know i dont HAVE to take you to theyre concert. I have a list of other people that would want to go
by One direction bitches January 28, 2014
Destinee Brewer
That girl is perfection. That must be Destinee
by rezzz January 28, 2014
See that girl, lexie, she's absolute perfection
by Perfxoxo December 15, 2013
One Direction
one direction=perfection
by Directioner Forever August 08, 2012
Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness, a quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence.
''Her face was flawless, she had achieved perfection.''

''Well they are defiantly an Alexander Johns.''
by hpsorce July 26, 2012

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