Being amazing
In One Direction
Or Damon Fizzy
Or Ed Sheeran
One Direction is the definition of perfection.
Please, have you seen Damon Fizzy?
by FizzyBaby December 10, 2012
Having absolutely no flaws.
Matthew K. ❤😘

"Matthew is such perfection, I love him so much."
by Pwincesslexx February 28, 2013
The true definition of perfection is Tarlia and Josh. Such amazing people like these two are only created every millenium. Therefore making it very rare to see a Tarlia or Josh outside of their natural habitat. If you are lucky enough to ever approach these perfect humans you might suffer from a strong heart attack leading you into hospital. Not many people can handle such perfection so it is wise to keep away.
"Omg have you seen that girl? She's perfection!"
"Her name must be Tarlia o:"

"How did she die?"
"She saw Josh and couldn't handle his perfection"
by Iamjesus February 20, 2013
The most fashionable girl you would ever meet. She takes great care of her appearance and love to be the center of attention. She is real beauty. I wish I was named Eczabella. How adventurous, and mysterious.
She loves sex in the outdoor, she is very giving and believes in love. When she is in love she is the most beautiful and radiant person ever. She is perfection!
She is flawless. She is also very very clever.
by Michaella L December 12, 2012
Simply WWE's Dolph Ziggler aka Nick Nemeth :D
I am Perfection
by Pseudonym1235 August 11, 2011
when, after overcoming many obstacles in life, a girl and a boy meet on facebook, become fast friends, meet in person after a performance that the girl was in, and fall in love at first sight. they overcome various obstacles of their own, but make it through with their love growing ever-stronger each day. they are soulmates.
The relationship that Jacki and Michael have is a the greatest example of perfection
by blueeyedjackal September 23, 2010
monika and evi
These beautiful clothes can only be worn by perfection

Everything looks good on perfection

Perfection can be described as perfect!
by special effect November 14, 2010

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