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Being amazing
In One Direction
Or Damon Fizzy
Or Ed Sheeran
One Direction is the definition of perfection.
Please, have you seen Damon Fizzy?
by FizzyBaby December 10, 2012
when, after overcoming many obstacles in life, a girl and a boy meet on facebook, become fast friends, meet in person after a performance that the girl was in, and fall in love at first sight. they overcome various obstacles of their own, but make it through with their love growing ever-stronger each day. they are soulmates.
The relationship that Jacki and Michael have is a the greatest example of perfection
by blueeyedjackal September 23, 2010
monika and evi
These beautiful clothes can only be worn by perfection

Everything looks good on perfection

Perfection can be described as perfect!
by special effect November 14, 2010
With out Flaw, it is subjective and often opinionated
cc's boi: "dude, did you see Rebecca just now, she's pretty much my definition of perfection"
stallion: "hmmmm, she's hot but i don't know, thats pushing it"
cc's boi: "in my eyes, even her flaws are perfect"
by cc's boi October 15, 2010
Some one or something that is completely flawless in every way...perfect
Stacey A.K.A. the heart breaker
by Chrissy Face December 27, 2003
a person who is flawless i person who is amazing gorgeous and has no imperfections
tabitha leigh grabow is perfection
by hope arlene schroeder July 22, 2008
the contemplated object/subject ONLY when concluded to be of the utmost pleasantness or appropriateness, according to one's own idiosyncratic preferences, and since it relies on those preferences, perfection is not testable.
To me, this book is absolute perfection. (Although, since perfection does rely on one's own idiosyncratic preferences, the phrase, 'To me' in the preveious statement is not neccessary.)
by Talula Honey January 29, 2004