What is the definition of perfection?
Kelsey, duhh.
by SKohl May 06, 2012
Someone who Is beautiful in every way possible, someone who has flaws but even there flaws make them perfect.
Courtney is the definition of perfection. Even her relationship with Kobe is perfection
by thattotallyrandomguy March 05, 2015
A very cute funny girl named Amy with nice tits and booty but also super sweet and gr8. She can make you the happiest person alive. Not only does she have a great body, but an utterly gr8 personality which is so amazing. She is beautiful in so many ways, she is the definition of perfect
Amy is perfection even if she doesn't think so
by C@ts666 February 27, 2015
Perfection is not necessarily the absolute lack of flaws; but in fact, flourishing with flaws of uniqueness and individuality.
Mary: That girl Chassity is so weird and lame. I don't even know how to describe her. Why doesn't she care what we think?
Matt: She's not afraid to be herself. She's eccentric. She's extraordinary. She's Perfection.
Mamma Sug: For real doe.
by Superman71 September 09, 2014
Someone you love, someone with their own scars and flaws, someone with their own issues and someone with their head in the clouds or down on Earth. It's up to you to find your definition of "Perfection".
He's got scars, he used to harm himself, but to me, he's perfection. I don't care if he won't talk, I don't care if he's sewn his mouth shut, he's just fine the way he is. And I intend to tell him.
by Solomy Captor July 13, 2014
Is in the form of an adorable, sexy little munchkin. A watermelon and Pop tart loving shit. One who hates spiders and sloths. The greatest partner you could ask for, a real sex God too. Loyal, loving and posses the ability to make you feel beyond special. He is also known as Kol Mikaelson; the egotistical whacko.
My boyfriend: Kol, is the definition of Perfection.
Oh is that Kol, he is perfection, dayum.
by IAmTheBozz May 22, 2014
Your flaws and imperfections add up to the most beautifully amazing person ever
Ikia is pure perfection, just like darlis and Kelly.
by Notmadisonorjulia123 March 16, 2014
Perfection is when tou do everything with no mistakes

Have perfect hair
Are flawless
Are sexy in everyway
And everyone loves them<3
Like one direction basicly
Cece: "perfection"?
Sammi: you know i dont HAVE to take you to theyre concert. I have a list of other people that would want to go
by One direction bitches January 28, 2014

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