An illusion.
Sam - Dood, I bet the prom king has a perfect life.
Ron - No, Hes mom died last winter, his dad's a crack head and he has cancer.
by TheClown. August 27, 2009
Top Definition
when some one just has it good.
everyone loves them.
they have a really nice life.
good clothes, great house, a good bf/gf, no one bitches at them, no one threatens them or stalks them, they just have it really good...
ahh that chick just has it...perfect boyfriend, great parents & family, no stalkers,...yeah. I WISH MY LIFE WAS LIKE THAT!!
by ahhh blah blah blahhhh!!! May 28, 2004
Someone who has no reason to complain about their life.
I went to school with identical triplets named Allison,McKenna,and Zoey. Almost everyone considered them the most beautiful girls in school. They were cheerleaders. They were very,very well-liked. They all made straight A's and in all A.P. classes. A far as I knew they were rich (my god you should have seen the car the got picked up in) ,and had an amazing family. Those girls always had a smile on their face. So yeah,I guess you could say they had a perfect life. XDD
by ew go away. January 16, 2010
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