Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; Something/someone that is as good as its possible to be, without flaw.

See also: Katrina
1.The weather today was perfect

2. Katrina Louise Allen
by Joshmac93 June 29, 2013
When you take a shit that does not make any noises, does not splash, does not stain the bowl and that when you wipe yourself the T.P. comes out completely clean. That, is Perfect.
Perfect Shit
by unos June 17, 2013
Kendra Kaltfoen
That girl Kendra? Shes perfect.
by Dylan:) May 01, 2013
When someone has a great personality, and is very lovable.
Zak is super perfect.
by Tarasayshey April 28, 2013
Something or someone that has no faults or anything bad about it/them.
Person 1 "whose that girl over there?"
Person 2 "that's Tahlia"
Person 1 "oh, she's perfect"
by Iamanonymonis March 28, 2013
Brian and Jada <3 They're sooo cute together and just, perfect.
Brian and Jada are so perfect, and lovey and cute <3
by Girllllll January 14, 2013
A girl who has it all and doesn't realise it.

Anon 1: Shes perfect...
Anon 2: Doubtful unless shes like a 21yr old Mexican i know!
by an0nYmoose January 08, 2013

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