Absolute; being flawless; without any qualms; whole. To be amazing.
-Sierra is perfect in every way. <3

-You're perfect to me.

-April 28th was perfect.
by theobsessedone September 23, 2014
It's something that you want so bad it hurts. You know that if you had it, it would quit hurting you. But you also know that deep inside, it'll probably never quit hurting you.
I think the people we look at and label "the perfect people" are the same people look back at us and envy us as "the perfect people". In other words, 'the grass is always more perfect on the other side'.
by Nameless June 19, 2014
1. You.

2. Sheo.
1. You are perfect in your own way
2. Sheo is the best otp in the world
by Anonymous_dxfinxr April 28, 2014
An I imaginary concept that people like to dream about.
Guy 1: That girl is perfect!
Guy 2: No man, nothing is perfect.
by Belle Cook August 19, 2013
Someone who has few or no flaws
My best friend Julia is perfect, Jennifer Lawrence
by Judy Pickollo July 02, 2013
Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; Something/someone that is as good as its possible to be, without flaw.

See also: Katrina
1.The weather today was perfect

2. Katrina Louise Allen
by Joshmac93 June 29, 2013
When you take a shit that does not make any noises, does not splash, does not stain the bowl and that when you wipe yourself the T.P. comes out completely clean. That, is Perfect.
Perfect Shit
by unos June 17, 2013

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