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It's something that you want so bad it hurts. You know that if you had it, it would quit hurting you. But you also know that deep inside, it'll probably never quit hurting you.
I think the people we look at and label "the perfect people" are the same people look back at us and envy us as "the perfect people". In other words, 'the grass is always more perfect on the other side'.
by Nameless June 19, 2014
1. You.

2. Sheo.
1. You are perfect in your own way
2. Sheo is the best otp in the world
by Anonymous_dxfinxr April 28, 2014
-having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be
-having no flaws whatsoever
My boyfriend Reed is the definition of perfect. <3
by Justanotherlovestruckgirl December 23, 2013
the Vanity of humanity
"why cant i be perfect"
by Skyy Mckinrey December 06, 2013
Something or someone who is flawless in every aspect
The Silver Palms

"Have you heard The Silver Palms music? They're perfect"
by Georgia girl October 07, 2013
An I imaginary concept that people like to dream about.
Guy 1: That girl is perfect!
Guy 2: No man, nothing is perfect.
by Belle Cook August 19, 2013