Kendra Kaltfoen
That girl Kendra? Shes perfect.
by Dylan:) May 01, 2013
Something or someone that has no faults or anything bad about it/them.
Person 1 "whose that girl over there?"
Person 2 "that's Tahlia"
Person 1 "oh, she's perfect"
by Iamanonymonis March 28, 2013
Brian and Jada <3 They're sooo cute together and just, perfect.
Brian and Jada are so perfect, and lovey and cute <3
by Girllllll January 14, 2013
(noun) perfect is the name for a person who has absolutely nothing wrong with them at all. a perfect is somebody who is the best in every way. they are beautiful, smart, funny, and the whole sha-bang. a perfect is the best at everything they do.
Danny: "Wow man Joanna is amazing, you really caught a good one this time."

Matt: "Yeah I know dude...she's a perfect."
by shredss February 09, 2012
Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings. accurate, exact, or correct in every detail
Angel is undoubtedly the greatest example of perfection.
by Ilujan October 23, 2011
Emily A. K.
Emily is the best girlfriend in the world. she is perfect! (:
by dinosaur goes rawrr December 06, 2010
a state of completeness and flawlessness
Michael Dirkes, the most perfect person ever.
by you_-_know_-_who November 15, 2010

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