See plastics
A perfect is like an uber-plastic. They think they are the most popular people ever. All the plastics aspire to be, and are medicore copies of the perfects. They are slutty bitches and generally only pretend to be nice.
Plastic 1: Omgz!!!!111!!1 *bows down* I love you hair!
Perfect 1: Thankuu, u may rise.
Perfect 2: Now go fetch me a drink *bitches to other perfects about annoying little kidz*
by Mentalists October 29, 2008
The most amazing thing in the world, no flaws, everything is amazing and beautiful. A.K.A Leanne is perfect.
Leanne. She's perfect.
by Scottyyy12345 January 14, 2008
gorgeous, bestest personality, no flaws whats so ever.
jessica thompson the perfectest pimpest girl.
by mimitacular August 03, 2007
having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.
Priscilla is so perfect! She is into fitness, music and dancing, smokes the ganja... And she spreads that knowledge!
by Msvperez December 14, 2015
Used to describe someone or something that is without flaw.
Examples include: Jazmin
Damn Jazmin you're so perfect!
by Nummikins December 01, 2015
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