verb. (pur-fec-t) Anything that has to do with Abby Phillips. This means having the traits of being: smart, beautiful, amazing smile, pretty eyes, funny, the best at everything, can make even the worst days better. As well as being the proud owner of a blue Honda Civic and a dog named Buddy. When one can aquire all of the traits that Abby Phillips then and only then can they acheive perfect-ness. However it is impossible to achieve perfect-ness because only Abby Phillips can be deemed perfect. The word perfect is also interchangable with Abby.
Teacher: This was almost a perfect paper.
Student: Why wasnt it perfect?
Teacher: Because only Abby Phillips can be perfect.
Student: That makes total sense. Im just glad I almost got an Abby on my paper!
by A.G.P.admirer April 14, 2011
The word that the woman of my dreams defines.
My wife is perfect to me. Don't y'all niggas get it?
by E-Spades February 01, 2011
entirely without fault or defects and satisfys all needs, wants, and requirements.
Samantha is such a perfect person.
by Dash Smasher January 22, 2011
a word that sluts and bitches always seem to think they are...?
like, oh my god, i had so much fun last night! i am so perfect!
by alyssalillianxo November 02, 2010
Nobody. At least not on earth. The only one who is perfect is the Supreme Being who created the earth long ago. Otherwise known as God.
God is perfect.
by vviicc14 March 31, 2010
Overly used by white America. The response to an answer given after a question has been asked or anything you say to them. Often said in an annoying ass tone! Used so much that by doing so they hope they will become or a situation will become Perfect. Here's a new word, Pathetic!
1st Person: Where is the bank located?
2nd Person: On State Street.
1st Person: Perfect!
by Jumping off the bandwagon February 04, 2010
Perfection is a quality of statues, not humans.
Mark Frost used this line in "The Grand Slam", a book about Bobby Jones and his pursuit of perfection.
by Golfer123 July 24, 2009
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