someone amazing.
someone who always knows what to say

aka anthony
Anthony said the sweetest thing to me today, he's perfect!
by kaaayyyy October 22, 2013
Someone perfect is who can make you happy all the time no matter what the situation is. Perfect has more meaning to it than just looking flawless. It's what's on the inside and who they are as a person. Perfect is someone who always looks at the brighter side of things.
(Perfect) He is perfect for me.
by Bratty2499 July 08, 2013
perfect does not exsist no one person or one thing in this world is perfect and never will be people are the farthest things from perfection
there are a lot of expectations for perfection and those expectations will never be meet
by lala214 September 11, 2011
The most beautiful, Amazing, sexy, gorgeous, flawless, amazing personality, fun to be around, the girl who just makes you the happiest guy alive - Kayla Caniano
I love Kayla Caniano so damn muchc: shes so damn perfect
by Gordy Furlo July 01, 2011
Undefined, nobody knows that perfect really is.
Joe: Nobodies perfect.
Chris: Nobody knows that perfection is, but somewhere out there someone is perfect.
by EddieWasHere June 30, 2011
a girl who doesn't fart
Jessica is perfect because she never farts.
by beeeeeeeboy May 13, 2011
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