entirely without fault or defects and satisfys all needs, wants, and requirements.
Samantha is such a perfect person.
by Dash Smasher January 22, 2011
a word that sluts and bitches always seem to think they are...?
like, oh my god, i had so much fun last night! i am so perfect!
by alyssalillianxo November 02, 2010
Perfection is a quality of statues, not humans.
Mark Frost used this line in "The Grand Slam", a book about Bobby Jones and his pursuit of perfection.
by Golfer123 July 24, 2009
see "my"
I love perfect with all my heart
by HA SOWN March 03, 2009
See plastics
A perfect is like an uber-plastic. They think they are the most popular people ever. All the plastics aspire to be, and are medicore copies of the perfects. They are slutty bitches and generally only pretend to be nice.
Plastic 1: Omgz!!!!111!!1 *bows down* I love you hair!
Perfect 1: Thankuu, u may rise.
Perfect 2: Now go fetch me a drink *bitches to other perfects about annoying little kidz*
by Mentalists October 29, 2008
Norman Reedus.
"what's the definition of perfect?" asked Sally
"Norman Reedus." replied Jane
by 100truefacts November 20, 2014
Perfect, is best defined by the best person ever. In most cases their name tends to be Sydnee.
Person one:" Hey nigguh see that gal over der' tis' Sydnee"
Person two:" Ye nigguh, i heared she's perfect yo"
Person one:" Nigguh what chu' say, imma kill uuuuuuuu"
by Jerome Canasuv May 18, 2014

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