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see "my"
I love perfect with all my heart
by HA SOWN March 03, 2009
Perfect, is best defined by the best person ever. In most cases their name tends to be Sydnee.
Person one:" Hey nigguh see that gal over der' tis' Sydnee"
Person two:" Ye nigguh, i heared she's perfect yo"
Person one:" Nigguh what chu' say, imma kill uuuuuuuu"
by Jerome Canasuv May 18, 2014
Emma Watson
It's a leap to say someone is perfect, however, Emma Watson.
by andrewwww(is this taken too) February 07, 2014
A beautiful girl, who will make you feel like the most important person in he world. If you ever get a chance to be friends with her don't pass it up. It a once in a life time opportunity. She is absolutely amazing in every way possible. PERFECT
by Me <3 December 02, 2013
Tucker and Tallon Thomason enough said
"He's perfect"
"Oh you mean tucker and Tallon.....yeah they are"
by Whatitisss November 23, 2013
someone who is amazing, good looking, and everyone is attracted to.
Andy Holdeman is perfect.
by you know who;) <3 October 27, 2013
someone amazing.
someone who always knows what to say

aka anthony
Anthony said the sweetest thing to me today, he's perfect!
by kaaayyyy October 22, 2013