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a perfect weekend is when teams you hate lose while the team you love wins.
Sept 15th 2007. A Saturday of a perfect weekend - College Football: Auburn, Tennessee, and Notre Dame all lose while Alabama wins against Arkansas. Awesome.
by Capt_Ed September 16, 2007
Sexual intercourse with three different people over the course of a weekend. Ideally one each day, but it’s usually two on Saturday and one on Friday or Sunday. A threesome or foursome, while not in the same spirit, are still awesome, and are therefore applied towards the count.
I thought Friday and Saturday were just luck, but when that new girl came over Sunday I knew I was destined to have a perfect weekend.

Sally was the queen of perfect weekends, if I ever owned a train station I’d hire her to run it.
by bryken7 August 02, 2016
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