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when u smoke a whole blunt to tha face. it's a personal blunt. (perse (personal) get it.)
ya'll better buy ya own weed.cause i'm about to blow a perse.
by TIA-AKA-DEJA VU June 04, 2003
a phrase that allows some flexibility in the topic at hand, so you can talk about something without being very specific
i wouldn't say it's a psuedo box, per se, but i digress, i really do
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003
-- on the face of it
-- generally speaking
-- on average
-- inherently

Frequently used improperly by persons who think it makes them sound educated.
Its not that these people are stupid, per se. Its usually the case that they are self-educated.
by wclay1 September 02, 2009
Of, in, or by itself or oneself; intrinsically.

with respect to its inherent nature;

Can be used to mean "as such", "sort of" and "just about" but the phrase may not fit into the context of such uses.
"this statement is interesting per se"

"i can go were ever want per se"
by Michael JB March 27, 2004
"as such" or "by" but really it seems to be used as a pause in a sentence.

It is an overused phrase by Neanderthal wannabes incapable of speaking or writing clearly.
I would interested in fucking her per se if she would just shut up.
by Jason Blair May 23, 2003