The new slang term for marijuana. "Weed", "pot", and "grass" are all outdated.
...Not real gum you dumbass. Peppermints the new slang term for MJ. Get with the times, brah!
by FuctButSects October 01, 2010
Top Definition
An extremely good kind of mint which takes the depressing and uber-confusing world you are living in, and transforms it into happy swirls of red and white goodness. You can't be sad eating one unless you choke.
Hey Summer, i'm down, throw me a peppermint!
by mandidelonge18y2 June 05, 2005
Top-Class, higher than mint, Quality.
"The Reading style of play is peppermint"
by Sam Bray-Mr Peppermint June 06, 2006
A code word you use in place of "marijuana" in your text messages when there is reason to suspect parental surveillance.
(text conversation)

Guy: Hey man you got some peppermint?

Friend: Peppermint gum? Why? I thought we were gonna smoke some weed?

Guy: Damnit fucker! My parents are reading my text messages!
by ShitAzz November 05, 2010
A candy that taste relatively good, until you think about old people, because 90% of old people smell like peppermint. So, when you eat peppermint you feel like your eating old people........ The other 10% of old people smell like urine.
Jessica: "Justin, would you like a peppermint?"

Justin: "No thanks, i don't want to eat old people."
by pseudonym=bigword January 29, 2010
when a guy bricks all over a girls mouth and then cracks her in the nose. All in which the blood and cum mix to look like peppermint juice
i gave that hooker a peppermint last night
by Keith Henry July 10, 2008
The act of having 69 with a girl, thats on her period. You eat her out and you cum in her mouth. And make out afterwards, with her blood and your cum.
Thus making the image of a peppermint.
Dude, i pepperminted with her last night.
by abelsmiles July 10, 2008
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