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When a man and a women engage in oral sex and the women is on her period. When the man cums she then holds some in her mouth and he holds some period blood in his mouth and then they make out, hence the name peppermint swirly.
Dude. I gave my girl a peppermint swirly. That s**t is nasty.
by Strawberry Delight November 11, 2008
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a man takes a mouth full of period blood and a women gets a mouth full of cum and then they make out while swirlying it around both blood and cum
lets go peppermint swirly style
by pingusclydevachina May 04, 2011
a girls first time her cherry pops,the man takes the blood and secrets it in her anus, then he cums in it and her anal contractions swirls the mixture into a pepeint like image.
you like candy right? Your going to like the peppermint swirly that will be upheld on your anus.
by brian ratchinsky April 04, 2009

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