is a child's word for the penis. also used by women not comfortable with the words dick, cock, trouser snake, one eyed yogurt slinger, meat missle.
boy's got a pe' pe'
by cricket adrien jones March 04, 2009
Top Definition
The Most Powerfull being in the whloe universe after Chuck Norris, he's indestructible and invincible, some people think he is only a myth, but he's 100% Real
When I grow up, I want to be like Pepe
by GeneralGrievous January 20, 2009
It's a another reference for your penis.
Your pepe is smaller then most men.
by Crazygirl March 15, 2005
name given to ones own self when the substitute is in
hey Miss Fruid, its Pepe not George
by izzy November 05, 2003
Pepe means:
1) a popular Spanish nicknames for young boys in any part of Spain or Latin America. It is a nickname for the name 'Jose'.
2) vagina in Filipino language. May also be called alternatively as 'pekpek'.
1) Hey Pepe, let's play outside!
2) Oh shit, ang sarap pasukin ang 'titi' ko sa 'pepe' mo!
English translation:
Oh shit, it's so pleasureable to insert my 'penis' in your 'vagina'!
by Angeluz February 16, 2009
A raging homosexual, with a cannibal desire to eat penis.
Man, that Lucas kid is such a "Pepe."
by Lucas Pepe February 09, 2015
A Hispanic penis.
Pablo: Ey hombre, look at that cum guzzlin chola over by the Seven Eleven.
Bill: Personally, I would let that fine young woman suck my pepe. Then, I would ejaculate my load of semen into her vagina.
Juanita: Shut your fucking face! Chu' ain't no cholo ya dumb fucking cracka'.
by Rich White Boi January 01, 2009

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