real people, individuals who grew up and/or are currently living in a working class neighborhood, very down-to-earth persons who are very relational towards others
What kind of people live in LA?

People people.
by jjplayer March 17, 2007
Top Definition
someone who is friendly,warm and kind to strangers and people from all walks of life
Gary is such a people person he can get along with almost anybody.
by Gerard Irick April 13, 2009
A term used to describe someone who has no discernable skills. Often used by the person themselves it situations such as a job interview.
I am a people person, and would make a good team leader.
by stev3r April 24, 2006
A very talkative person who has great communicative skills and talk to everyone with no trouble.
It's said of people that work in Human Resources, solving other people problems and giving opinions.
I'm applying for this job because I think I have great communication skills. I like to talk to everyone, so, I'm certainly a "People-person".
by arruda October 25, 2009
1)One who possesses the traits that enable him or her to converse with anybody
2)The opposite of NoeL
3)The opposite of telling a lady at McDonalds that you aren't loyal to me
Noel isn't a people person
by Chris g December 27, 2004
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