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the people's elbow was one of the signature moves of the rock. first he would look at the croud. then pull off his elbow pad in slow motion and throw it into the crowd. then he would run left,bounce off the ropes then over the guy on the ground, bounce off the ropes again. then he would kick his right leg up and drop his elbow ont the man's heart.
the rock gave the people's elbow to d lo brown.
#the rock #the corporate elbow #the rock bottom #people's eyebrow #corporate eyebrow
by robert desrosiers March 25, 2006
similar to a brass monkey. you drink a 40 (of olde english)to the label, and replace the remainder with rockstar vodka.
"man i drank five people's elbows, went carhopping and came up with a grand in cash"

"me and declan keogh drank our olde e to the label, and we were fuckin around and decided to pour some rockstar vodka. look at what happened"
#declan keogh #people's #peoples elbow #elbow #peoples #brass monkey #vodka #hidden ben
by dave42069403 April 21, 2009
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