More affectionate way to say best friend. The one human that doesn't annoy you and will always be your number one. Someone who you will always love.
When someone says " You're my person."
by Leanne Rhita December 29, 2013
The only mistake God created....human beings...AKA walking turds. That's why they are called people because it's close to peepee.
People are walking turds.
by People Suck May 23, 2004
When refering to someone, in place of DOG,HOMIE,SON,DUN ect.. A term that started in New Orleans L.A.
waz up PEOPLE, waz good?
by sky cordier March 26, 2010
a transfer of energy changing into solid matter.
a uterus makes something...out of nothing.(aka people)
by word ninja May 23, 2009
marijuana. Looking for a better way of talking about marijuana around anyone? including parents, teachers and bosses.
I have some "people" at my house waiting for you.

Some "people" were asking for you.

Have you seen any "people" lately?

Do you want to hang out with me and my "people"?

etc. Get creative.
by esmeraldac11 July 24, 2009
A different form of an insult. Most commonly used when one is lost on what to say in order to insult another.
You person! I hate you!
by PersonWhoIsSomething-Lizterine January 17, 2005
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