1. Pawns for my amusement.
2. The greatest known natural disaster on the planet Earth.
Most people are complete idiots.
by pqlamz May 10, 2010
Homo Sapien(s).
People, Bob, Phil, Me, You, Charlie Sheen, Nik Wade...
by Bananas Bother Me. June 25, 2011
Problems just waiting to be solved.
Guy 1: Why are people so difficult? This guy at work is pissing me off!!!!

Guy 2:People are just problems just waiting to be solved.
by Pertizel February 28, 2011
any animal who has 46 chromosomes, and is built on our human genome.
"Screwing anyone who isn't human is beastiality."
by Jay September 05, 2003
1. Common term referring to moronic human beings who contribute little to nothing to society. Singular or plural.

2. The plural of a person.
1. I am not a people, i am a person. Thus, i am not a people person.

2. "Look at those people over there. Each one is a person, but none are people."
by Nightbeing November 12, 2010
Synonym for parasitic life forms that walk upright whose main desires are: domination, manipulation, copulation (7 billion and counting) and creating drama whenever possible. We are not yet destroyed only because we serve as real life sitcoms for aliens to watch.
Alien number 1: Wow, look at those people killing each other!
Alien number 2: 3 million years and this series is still great!
Alien number 1: Can't believe they are still fun to watch but once they get boring and peaceful we'll wipe them out.
by mitch_southpaw February 17, 2013
The only mistake God created....human beings...AKA walking turds. That's why they are called people because it's close to peepee.
People are walking turds.
by People Suck May 23, 2004

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