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Guys that have fun and get a shit ton of girls

Red Deck = Guys that always win and get alot of girls
Blue Deck = Smart guys that steal everyone else's girls because they're smart
Black Deck = Girls love the black deck people for obvious reasons and go ham
White Deck = Guys that make sure everyone gets girls
Green Deck = Guys that get girls alot

There are a ranks in Magic:
Noobies - fags that don't play (take it in the butt from other guys)
Wizards - Guys that play and get girls
Sage - Guys that play alot and get alot of girls
Grand Sage - Guys that never lose and plow girls 24/7
People who play Magic = We play magic, girls love us and want the D
by Grand Sage Mordal Etu-Gromar December 03, 2013
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