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Purple, neon light. Found in most townships. Used to hunt bats in evening sky.
My peon makes hunting for bats so much easier than my bow and arrow.
by The Princesses February 17, 2011
A basic worker in Warcraft III, Age of Empires, or any other real-time strategy game.
If you can kill the enemy's peons, you've just won the game.
by pur1337 October 08, 2003
One who whips out their penis in the middle of a Jay-Z concert and fails to piss into a cylindrical shape, such as a water bottle, thus urinating on eccentric black men in front of them.
Person 1: Dear Christ, Greg just pissed all over that black man.
Person 2: What a Peon!
by jkelly30 August 12, 2010
another word for a bitch
"Tori, shut up and stop being a peon!"
by autumnt. November 27, 2007
A snobbish term used by stupid, ignorant people for working class members of society. There are many other derogatory terms for them; grunt, bitch, little people, a whole bunch of names. A peon is someone with a crappy job, the menial jobs that no one wants. A "peon" may not always constitute a person with a low end job, but rather just someone who's at the bottom of their line of work. Only ass holes use this term.
Bridezilla: "Daddy! I need someone to sweep this floor! Who's he?"

Monopoly Guy: "He's our Peon. He'll sweep the floor dear. Get to work stupid!"
by TheOnlySmartOne March 25, 2010
Someone employed in a lower position compared to other personnel in a company.
"Oh yeah, Joe over there is just a peon."
by x January 22, 2003
best way to add to all of these besides lower social class rank than you, take it back to the elizabethan era.. in a arena where shakespere would put on a show the lower class would be in the pee-on section the upper class would never leave their seat except to hang over the balcony and pee-on or barf or fart or whatever on the little townspeople ( i don't think this is historically accurate but lets have an imagination shall we>?>?!)
"brutus let these little peons have a taste of thy wonderful wine that thou hast made thee drunk as a horse.."
by k_u May 07, 2007