1. a low ranking or unskilled employee

2. any low ranking person

3. a (computer) user with few privleges (all senses come from a spanish word)
Stop goofing off and get back to work, peon.
by Light Joker May 28, 2006
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Someone with the lowest social standing, such that commoners may pee on them with impunity. One social level below serfs, untouchables, and freshmen.
Get out of my way, peon!
by Nick Mass August 11, 2004
a low-ranking person
Since I'm a peon, I The big dogs won't listen to me.
by peon July 28, 2004
A PEON is a B I T C H made ass nigga...That didn't have no body to look up to as a child & because of that "THEY SOME WEAK ASS LIL BOYS!"
Trez be acting like a damn peon, every since he been getting that S.S.I.
by brookie cookie February 16, 2008
A member of an occupation, which requires little professional skill or education. Contemporary examples of such professionals include: industrial assembly line worker, farm laborer, and Senator in the United States Congress.
"I am a lowely peon in the system"
by nethcev! August 27, 2006
a less skilled player who works for skillful World of Warcraft players
saladd, unfo, xcite, yawt, true are peons of "Spl"
by sh4z October 22, 2008
Purple, neon light. Found in most townships. Used to hunt bats in evening sky.
My peon makes hunting for bats so much easier than my bow and arrow.
by The Princesses February 17, 2011

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