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a woman on the loose,who costs some pennies...
Who's that chick standing infront of us?-That bitch?She's a local panny-hoe.
-How much does that hoe cost?
-She looks like a penny-hoe, I don't think that she'll cost u a lot.
by lil_sue May 23, 2007
A girl that is two faced,cheap, dirty, everyone has had one and only good for one thing when u flip them you are either getting head or tail.
Brandon : "Man I slept with Monicha last night."

Cecil : "For real man you know she a penny hoe everyone has gotten head from her better get tested."
by BME_CEO September 21, 2010
a hoe that only accepts pennys as their payment
i gave a penny to that penny hoe named linda!
by dominique December 08, 2004
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