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A penis whistle is when you blow into your victims penis and the sound of a whistle comes out there arsehole.
i will give u a penis whistle if u dont shut the hell up!
by merpderpp December 22, 2010
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noun) an insult, you know those whislte that, use your imagination.
wow, brian olwick is such a peniswhistle...
by anonymous February 26, 2003
Any long instrument that you blow
Flute, Recorder, clarinet, piccolo... etc
Johnathan! You like playing your penis whistle.
by ignavus November 13, 2014
n. Another name for penis or cock. It is a term more often used to suggest the penis as a flute, irish tin whistle, or kazoo. It can also be refered to as a game, sexual in nature.
"What did I tell you about being a penis whistle?"

"Hey baby, lets get drunk later and play penis whistle..."

"I'm gonna make you play 'Oh Danny Boy' on my penis whistle if you don't shut up!"
by Jai' Hodge January 02, 2006

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