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the mushroom tip of the penis
Bob has a huge penisnipple
by dundlegrundleberrycherry February 27, 2003
8 8
Nipples in which, when erect, assume the length and shape of a penis.
As I entered her room, she was shirtless. She turned around to reveal her penis nipples poking out like erect penises off of her chest.
by ch0d3 December 01, 2006
19 6
1) A nipple that has been either transplanted or naturally placed on the penis. This nipple cannot lactate milk seeing as the penis has no mammory gland, and can come in any color and shape and may appear to be a birth mark. I have never seen one, personally.

2) A word compound that can be said to a person to make him or her stop talking when they are annoying or are irritating a person with what they are saying. It usually works effectively.
1) My boyfriend has a penis nipple. It's so cute!

2) "You know that girl I've been talking to? I'm going out with her tomorrow. Hey. Speaking of girlfriends, when are you gonna get one? Are you gay? I've never even seen you talk to a girl very much. I'm really conc-" "Penis nipple." "................."
by JobesJeebs May 28, 2008
17 6
A dirty whore. See skank.
Rachel looks like a penisnipple.
by Rachel March 29, 2004
9 11