Fake custom pen website known as Pen Island - url is penisland.net

Used a way to insult the ignorant
'Hey, you want a free custom pen?'

'Yeah sure!'

'Then just go to penisland.net.....'
by quincebolis May 24, 2008
penisland - pen island can be mistaken as an island tho really its just for penis land, funny thing to say to people who are ditsy.

also apparantly a website for selling pens..
(insert shameless plug here)
me: u wanna go to penisland (pen island)?
dumb blonde: sure can u take me?
me: yes :D
by Char Siew September 14, 2007
An uninhabited group of islands off the coast of Canada, part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Nunavet. It is split into the East Pen Island and West Pen Island
When I went to the Pen Islands yesterday, there weren't any people there.
by AnnexTheFrikinZero December 25, 2012
The non-existant place PEN ISLAND written as a compound word. The mind forces a break at the "L" because of its height and it is read as Penis Land. Two websites take advantage of this visual effect:
www.penisland.net sells custom pens.
www.mypenisland.com sells suggestive apparel from the fictional Pen Island
by Mark1 December 10, 2006
the land of penis
did u go to pen island this weekend
by scrotoman January 20, 2011
Penis land. (a.k.a. penisland - a porn site)
Have you ever been on pen island?
The Majestic land of many penis'
Man, I bet that guy was born on Pen Island
by J Riggz May 04, 2008

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