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plural of penis
Fratdaddy 1: "Did you see that AGD walking around the 3rd floor? She's got bruises all over her face."

Fratdaddy 2: "Looks like she got slapped with about 50 penisia! That swamp donkey deserves it though."
by oh_my_g_bus May 02, 2009

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An element discovered on February 22, 2012 while working on Chemistry. The color of this element generally corelates with its size. Penisium of the black variety is the largest known, while Penisium of the white variety is average size. It has yet to be discovered in Asia. Penisium deteriorates and loses density over time. Occasionally, it extremely hardens for 10-20 minutes when it comes in contact with vagisium. It will shrink in cold temperatures and will shrink when it's mixed with anabolic steroids. When mixed with vagisium, it will produce cumisium. When thouroughly mixed with vagisium, it'll produce babyisium.
A mother and father will mix penisium with vagisium to produce babyisium.
by Dr. Master Bates February 22, 2012