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(Adj) of or pertaining to some abstract nature of a mighty or, conversely, weak penis.

(Verb) to apply one's penis in a sexual or demeaning way.

(Noun) a frappled looking penis.
When used as a adjective: Example: Brad Childress is a huge heap of penisfrapple. Or: that's a huge load of penisfrapple sause.

When used as a verb: Example: the penisfrappling he gave her in the rumpas room left her unable to sit in certain positions the next day.

When used as a noun: Example: Brad Childress looked like pure penisfrapple on the sidelines of the last nfl game he ever coached.
by red clownpenis December 04, 2010
of or pertaining to some abstact nature of a mighty or, conversely, weak penis.
Brad Childress could not coach the Vikings effectively because of his lack of penisfrapple.
by Huey Lewis and the Poops December 04, 2010
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