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A scarlet macaw that will get on a man's penis during masturbation whcih will disturb their masturbation if it ends up in their house and will get on their penis ......
Kid:what's that bird doing on the man's stick?

Tom had a penis bird on him and disturbed his masturbation

The penis bird flew through the windown and on to the penis during masturbation
by markunami November 12, 2006
A species of Macaw known for its tendency to alight on one's erect penis. It is not clearly understood why these birds choose to land on penises.

Should a penisbird perch on your pecker, do not panic. The bird will most likely groom himself for a while and leave. Do not harm the penisbird, as they are an endangered species and must be protected.
There is naught more beautiful than a flock of penisbirds in flight, so long as you have your pants up.
by josh@rootpoot January 28, 2004
The name for an origami bird with a paper 'tail' that protrudes in the wrong direction making it more akin to a huge penis.

Perhaps an attempt at a joke by the sex deprived creators of the origami instructions.
by penny21 April 09, 2009
A strange, featherless bird shaped like a man's genitals, with a beak on the front of the penis' tip. Common prey of the wordgorillaroo.
Don't make me shove a penisbird up your ass.
by Legato February 18, 2003