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based upon the level of penis-like qualities in a person, determines how high or low on the scale you are.

Level 1-4 = having small amounts of penis-like qualities yet enough to be recognized on the scale.

Level 5-7 = higher amounts of penis-like qualities, too the the point where you must be warned.

Level 8-10 = the highest you can get on the scale, you have no purpose in life any longer.

Level 10+ = you are off the charts. kill yourself.
Level 1-4 = you pushed me in the hallway to get yourself ahead..welcome to the penisary scale.

Level 5-7 = you jumped on my back in the middle of gym volleyball and knocked me to the ground. you have been warned, any higher and your life is in jeopardy.

Level 8-10 = you never stop talking and proceed to embarrass yourself on numerous occasions without anyones help but your own. you are pathetic.

Level 10+ = nobody likes you, you have no friends, escape to a new land, for your own good.
by the peencake sistahs February 04, 2010
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