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a way to insult someone to the lowest degree
Shut up you damn penis wrinkle
by Jesse Denning October 24, 2003
i wrinkle in the penis
the foreskin
henry you're such a peniswrinkle
by tashiki January 29, 2008
A deragatory name. Someone who is old and looks wrinkly like an old penis.
That old fart is a penis wrinkle.
Dammit Steve, don't be a penis wrinkle.
by ~TwiggY~ October 21, 2005
A more extreme way to call someone a dick.
It means you aren't worthy to be the dick, your the wrinkle on a penis.
NeeHas: Liza you're so ugly. :D
Liza: You're such a penis wrinkle!
by Anizatt April 27, 2009
An older man trying to pick up younger women.
I'm sick and tired of those penis wrinkle(s) trying to hit on me.

Did you know Sally is dating a penis wrinkle?
by missohnfl January 10, 2011
the skin around the penis that when limp is wrinkely.
or is an insult
she like to lick my pinis wrinkle.
You penis wrinkle!!!!
by sterling January 30, 2003
A wrinkle in a man's genitals.
Your penis wrinkle(s) turn me onnnnn..... :]
by Carliann May 26, 2007
Creases in the penis that collects scum.
He is a very cheesey penis wrinkle.
by Lisa Lu May 23, 2007