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The most important and playful of all the body parts.
My penis is a zillion times bigger than your penis!
by spike February 06, 2004
317 264
1. The male reproductive/sexual organ that is meant to be inserted into the female reproductive/sexual organ during a marriage between the two performing the act called sexual intercourse, which was created for pleasure and procreation. Pleasure is possible when the nerve in the penis is touched, which sends a very positive and pleasurable signal to the brain. The nerve can be touched in masturbation or sexual intercourse. Undergoes erection, allowing for sexual intercourse, when exposed to the promise of sex, (sadly) masturbation, or explicit pictures or happenings. Will excrete sperm when used in sexual intercourse, and will urinate when excessive fluids are consumed or when the liver needs to rid the body of harmful liquids.

Not at all meant to be used to masturbate, but is nonetheless done so anyway.

2. A term used excessively and inappropriately on this website, particularly this definition.
Penis is a term which many people feel uncomfortable speeking of because it is used so inappropriately.
by Phrigajiblenoghip May 22, 2004
21 38
fuck me chase fuck me!!!!! stick ur enormous cock in my pussy!!! oooOOOOO it feels soooo fucking good!!!! go harder and faster!!!! faster!!!!!!! ooOOOooOOOOO dont stop!!!! ride me ooo ride me!!! im moaning like never before!!!!!! ooo shit!! fuck me harder!!!!!!!
an invitation for chase to come fuck me
by bryn December 20, 2003
24 41
Something you do not have.
by DarkRixorz October 31, 2003
35 52
a seemingly delictable delight for girls. they just cant get enough of it. sometimes when stroked with a hand quickly, or inserted into various holes, will release its sticky, jelly filling which girls like to call "milk". often mocked with a replica, called a dildo. contains a head with one eye (that sometimes has a protective covering over it), and has two strange spheres that make the milk, called testicles. once the penis matures enough, it will begin growing hair on its stump.
i shoved my penis into girlfriend too many times and milk came out.

no, i didnt wank today. this milk just appeared on my hands out of nowhere.

her mouth was on my penis for a long time. i felt it get jammed a bunch of times down her throat. when she took her mouth out, there was a bunch of milk on her lips.
by rob <--- 8.5 inches May 24, 2003
28 45
It's that thing hanging between a normal man's legs. However it must be noted that Uber Uberest has no cack.
Poor Uber Uberest, he has no penis... I guess we should cornhole him. --- Furor Planedefiler
3 20
Something that I have.
I stuck my penis into her.
by hihihihihihihihihcockies October 29, 2011
1 21
1. (n) a lump of flesh that male homosapiens are trained to believe entitles them to more respect and better pay than women.
2. (n) repro organ which males frequently compare sizes of; white males may become upset and attempt to enslave an entire race.
3. (adj) a deragotory name for someone who is being arrogant or stoopid
whiteManSays: i wouldn't know what to do with my time if i wasn't busy trying to oppress developing countries and prove the worth of my penis!
by Lfrey April 28, 2006
24 44