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When two males, violate eachother with their dicks. They rub their dicks against the other persons. They both enjoy it, and makes them groan like CRAZY!
Johnny: AHHHHHHHHHH!! penis sex..
Micheal: Your penis is so smooth.
by crazy_for_sex December 26, 2007
39 25
To insert your penis in someone else's penishole.
Your mom's ass pussy was too tight. So instead i had penis sex with her.
by John Kellis Fernando January 06, 2007
118 49
When a man inserts his penis into another man's urethra.
Man, that penis sex last night, it was rough.
by Joyfullfury May 04, 2007
45 28
sex with two penises!
joe and bob had penis sex! last night!
by hot-man-boy23 September 09, 2009
10 5