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When you say whatever it is you gotta say for a chick to have sex with you...
"To be honest, I have always really wanted to have a relationship. I'd like to tell you its because I am like a player or something. You'd probably respect me more. yeah... I know dating suicide right? I got no game whatsoever. honestly... you just seem kinda awesome and I'd probably regret it tomorrow if I didn't tell you right now that you are like the coolest bitch I have met in a very very long time. I am so focused on my career, but now I'm realizing none of that really matters right? on the flip side I can finally afford to give anyone the life they want and I really can make time to do so."

Yeah Nikki- go pee. don't be silly.

Dude- I couldn't help but notice you admiring that line of bull shit. reeled her in off POF. nothing wrong with a little penis pinocchio nah mean? about to take her home. my parents are out of town.

let me guess her intent was looking for a relationship. those chicks are a bunch of dum dums.

High five playa!

date date face relationships serial dater boobs
by Smellgibson February 18, 2014
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