1. A homosexual male, who likes to take it in the anus. See boundy.

2. A homosexual male's anus.
Boundy is a penis holster, he stole my money!
I stuck my dick in Frank's loose penis holster last night.
by cash August 03, 2004
Top Definition
A girl who is sleeps around a lot; easy; loose; whore; skank; slut etc. (insult)

a place where multiple guys frequently park their dick

OMG, that girl slept with 5 different guys this weekend, multiple times, and her boyfriend still hasn't found out! She is such a penis holster!

God I'm horny, I gotta find me a penis holster for tonight.

I forgot my penis holster, and now she might be pregnant!

by Maggie Rose January 30, 2008
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