Sounds like smegma? A cheesy like substance on the head of the penis of males who are uncircumcised...thats only a guess though.
by Noobert January 23, 2003
Top Definition
The white substance found around the head of the penis when it hasnt been washed for 1-2 months
Chad is the definition for penis cheese...
by Random_Hero_05 May 27, 2005
The white substance found around the head of the penis when it hasn't been cleaned for a while.
by Brad Walsh January 21, 2003
a cote of yellow cheese around a dick
Sabrina has lots of penis cheese,so very much she can build a cheese fort with it
by DickPuncher69 October 03, 2005
See: Smegma
Yo... I never thought he would be the type of guy to not take care of penis cheese, must suck not being curcumcised.
by Jody Hoagland is a fat whore August 09, 2003
Cheese hanging from a man's penis.
Yuck his penis cheese is yellow.
by Chodeser January 23, 2003
An awful smelling penis, the next morning after a night of sex. This can be caused by the girl he was with the night before has a smelly clam, but not necessarily.
I went home and took a shower right away before my girlfriend got home. Cause if she wanted to have sex, she would have smelled the penis cheese and knew I cheated on her.
by Frogboy October 21, 2007

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