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Breath one has that is equal to or stronger than the smell of a dick.
Elaine brushed her teeth with my dick and has the breath of penis smell.
by Dave October 29, 2003
A sucker of cock. whos breath smells of penis.
HE has penis breath from sucking his fathers cock.
by Nigga May 03, 2004
something my brother calls my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!
hey loz, penis breath is on the phone
by bitch ho November 09, 2003
one whos breath smells of cock implying that one likes to suck big fat bobbbies
caught in the act chick looked up with glee and declaired" i have penis breath
by danashurst36 May 15, 2007
Originally from fumes eminating from the mouth as a result of felatio. Later to include various "flavours of penis" and the aroma thereof.
1. Hey, Julie has penis breath!
2. Oh yeah, well you have Mentos Penis Breath.
3. ... or Tic-Tac Penis Breath.
4. I don't get penis breath... I give it.
by Robbie Corner January 12, 2005
having the breath of a penis
jesus christ ur have some sick ass penis breath
by jeff March 08, 2005
after your asshole relieves itself of poo air penis breath arises.
One time i shit myself and magically got penis breath.
by nicholas nappy balls obrien December 20, 2003