something my brother calls my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!
hey loz, penis breath is on the phone
by bitch ho November 09, 2003
Top Definition
one whose breath has a scent which would indicate their mouth and a penis have been spending a lot of time together. this need not be applied literally and be used simply to deride someone or make them feel bad about themselves.
1. person 1: i like chloe, shes nice.
person 2: no shes not, shes a dumb bitch.
person 1: nu-uh!
person 2: look penis breath, just because you were so busy giving your dog a rim job that you didnt notice that i'm smarter than you doesn't mean that im not smarter than you. she's a dumb bitch.

2. person 1: you have terrible taste in music.
person 2: no i dont, metallica fucking rocks.
person 1: exactly, penis breath.
by weezer August 02, 2004
Someone who's breath smells like a penis has been there from giving a bunch of blowjobs.
My dog sucks his own weenie. He has penis breath.
by Mona Lott November 28, 2005
A state of oral being in which the aroma of the mouth is equal to that of a penis. Usually accompanied by excessive oral insertion of the penis.
After going down on her boyfriend for 3 hours without pause, julie has a bad case of penis breath.
by John X April 24, 2003
one who's breath smells like penis.
Holly, stop sucking dick, you penisbreath!
by Chelsea March 28, 2003
A name Elliott calls his brother in Steven Speilburg's "E.T. : The Extraterrestrial"
Shut up, penisbreath!
by nananathan February 03, 2008
A: (noun) A girl who frequently gives guys blow jobs. This is the literal meaning for penis-breath.

B: (adj) To have smelly breath so that people sitting around you back away from you

C: (noun) An out-of-the-blue insult, for example calling someone a bitch or a dickhead.
A: *sexual tone*
"Hey, how would you like to come to my place tonight?"
"Don't worry. I don't have penis-breath."

B: *whispering*
"His breath stinks! Let's just go now."
"Well there really is no point in sitting next to that penis-breath."

C: "Why didn't you come and meet me after school you penis-breath?"
"Oh sorry my bitchy English teacher gave me a detention."
by Kamikaze Watermelon January 16, 2009
Someone who's breath resembles the stench of penis. This could be caused by giving head for a long period of time or be used to bust someone's chops.
1. Hey, brah get away from me, you have a bad case of penis breath.

2. Joe: Hey, what's up bro, I'm so fly and cool and too sexy for this shit!
Brad: Shut up penis breath
by CallMeBigD April 26, 2009
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