The plural form of "penis".
The strippers all had nice penii.
by Chick September 02, 2004
Top Definition
A word made up by people uneducated in the ways of etymology. NOT THE PLURAL OF PENIS.

The rule with aplural form with an I is derived from latin and is only applicable when the word ends in -US, and has no relevance whatsoever when the word ends in -IS.

When a word ends in -IS, the correct plural form is, in fact, -ISES.
The Octopus was languid.
The Octopi were languid.

The radius was 5cm long.
The radii were both of the same length.

The Hippopotamus was huge.
All the hippopotami were huge.

Within most species the penis is used for reproduction.
The correct plural or penis is penises, not penii.

The White Ibis is my favourite of all the Ibises.
by odakahitoshi May 29, 2006
FALLACIOUS plural form of 'penis'
"Hey, remember that guy that thought 'penii' was an actual word?"
by Xeresblue July 06, 2005
A false plural for "penis" made up by the same smug pseudo-intellectual dorks who say "boxen" and "ignorami" and "virii". Also, most of them wear suspenders use UNIX (variants of which they call *NIXen).
Guy 1: "Some ignorami stuck their penii in my Linux boxen and now they're borken! This is worse than Winblows boxen with all their virii!"
Passer-by: "Who are you talking to?"
by Adam Polibus January 26, 2007
People for the Extermination of Non-Important Insect Species
This party strongly opposes the existence of non-important insect Species, as well as PETA's attempt to sue President Obama's "public execution of a fly," claiming that flies are a non-important insect
She likes PENIIS
He's such a PENIIS
by PossumCuber December 07, 2009

A group or flock of penis'.
Alan: Damn jonny look at that flock of penis
Jonny: That my friend is a penii
by chelseaaaaaaaaaa December 26, 2014
The plural definition of penis. Everybody knows it.
Raynier - what's the plural of penis?
Kyle - penii of course.
by PraiseBathsheba September 22, 2013
the plural of penis. much more fun than saying penises. :P
Person 1: whats the plural of penis?
Person 2: penii, duh.
by drama_queen_dani July 22, 2009
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