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A word refering to a woman's penis.
Background: Danine's thoughts.
I pierced my penia today, and it hurt like a beast.
by Danine April 20, 2005
Pronounced 'Pen-ee-ah'
A term to describe a male wearing extremely tight jeans, which makes his manly areas looks particulary large.
Person one: 'i was watching bounce the other day, and realised that joe jonas had a rather large penia.'
Person two: 'oh really? like a full blown penia, or just a small one?'
Person one: 'Full blown, mahusive penia.'
#penis #jonas #trousors #jeans #tight
by AlitheDaft December 01, 2009
A word defining a woman's penis.
I pierced my penia today.
by Renee April 20, 2005
A word which is used when describing a woman's penis.
I got my penia pierced yesterday.
by Renee April 20, 2005
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