Peng is a slang word which suggests or gives hint that someone or something is attractive or 'fitting' in its purpose, The word can also be used to describe something although it has no defined descriptive properties.
"You lot are peng, thanks man" - could suggest that a friend is safe or mingles well with you

"Dem gals are peng" - could suggest that a girl/boy is sexy or quite attractive, either long term or sexual.
by Linkage Oracle December 05, 2006
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Top Definition
Sexy girl.
'There's some PENG over there'
'Shes proper Peng!'
by Martin February 07, 2005
The over-exaggerated description of a person with good looks or a nice body or both.
Look at her, she is fuckinp peng!!
by GnInJa October 25, 2005
this means fit nice .. nice body everything dat bare peeps r luking for !
yoo dat lad iz peng !!!!!!
dat gyal iz peng !!!!!!
by laydee-grizime August 11, 2005
A person that is over good looking
E.G That boy is peng!!!!
by Rudeness August 08, 2005
A really fit, good looking girl
"You is well peng ya know"
someone that looks buff
"that gal is proper peng"
by ghettogal January 19, 2006
high Grade Cannabis
high grade girl (uk)
"yo blud you got Peng?"
"Your Eyes are Peng Ya know"
by Nottz man February 12, 2004

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