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Sexy girl.
'There's some PENG over there'
'Shes proper Peng!'
by Martin February 07, 2005
it means someone is good- looking.
hey that girl is peng.
by wat blad May 16, 2009
Often used to describe a person. Means 'fit' or 'hot' or 'good-looking'.
Can also be used to describe something you like, like food.
"That boy is well peng."
"This pizza is so nice, it tastes peng."
by IndieSoup May 29, 2008
A word to describe some-one who's Good-looking like fit
oooh, they're a bit peng
by Kelly Walden & Charlotte Toplass February 27, 2008
adj. amenable esp. delicious, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing or sexually attractive.
Bro, this nectarine galette is peng.
by Felixc212 October 06, 2013
P.E.N.G = Perfectly, Engineered, Nitro, Ganja
by Sublime420 January 13, 2013
to describe a drug or drugs that is potent or strong
MATE john doe's draw is peng
by bad man blondi December 22, 2011
Peng, short for penguin.
"Aww babe check out that cute peng"
"Bro you got any peng biscuits for my tea and shit?"
by Megaross November 27, 2009

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