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Sexy girl.
'There's some PENG over there'
'Shes proper Peng!'
by Martin February 07, 2005
really good looking.
rrr he's fucking peng.
id tap that ;)
by BEXCEE,xo. July 02, 2009
A very positive word used casualy to show how attracted etc you are to something/someone
1)He's peng.
2)Mmm this tastes peng.
by flabface October 28, 2008
A Word With 2 Primary meanings. Peng is usually used to describe a seriously attractive person, can be male or female.
The second use for the word is to describe a high grade of drug, normally good cocaine!
E.g1: Bruv dat Gyal Is peng! man might link wiv her yaknow?

E.g2:Oi blud you got That peng?

E.g: Man Got some peng weed at ma yard cuz, Lets go Bun dat ting!
by Donkey-Kong September 26, 2011
To posses a banging fringe
omg, ur as peng as steph
by BC100 April 22, 2011
English slang; Adjective.

If something is 'peng' it is 'good'. It can be a person or an object, and is quite often a reaction to something good happening.
This weed is peng
by BigBrucieBonuses June 23, 2010
Stinky Skunk (weed)

Dervies from the Cockney Rhyming slang Pen 'pen & ink' meaning stink...
Oh my days bruv...i can smell that s**t from here...thats the Peng peng!!
by Dodgerman183 April 01, 2009
A word to describe some-one who's Good-looking like fit
oooh, they're a bit peng
by Kelly Walden & Charlotte Toplass February 27, 2008