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Sexy girl.
'There's some PENG over there'
'Shes proper Peng!'
by Martin February 07, 2005
Fit, sexy, good looking, hot, fuckable
"lucy i think your proper peng yeah" says dave.

"wow im not peng at all mate"- saying their not hot.

by barnzy February 23, 2009
a person that is overly hot used when they are hotter then boom
yoo da gyal iz peng b!
by sexyy127 August 10, 2008
it means someone is good- looking.
hey that girl is peng.
by wat blad May 16, 2009
In Chinese Mythology, the Peng and Kun are different forms of the same creature. Translated from the ancient literature, Zuhang Zi's 'Xiao Yao You'; There lived a kind of giant mysterious fish in the northern sea. These fish are called Kun. Nobody knows how big these fish actually are. They can turn into giant birds. When they are in bird form, they are known as Peng. Nobody knows how big these birds actually are. When they fly, their wings are like the colorful clouds in the sky. When there is a storm in the northern sea, the Peng will fly to the southern sea. They travel three thousand (Chinese miles) in one flap of their wings. They can fly for six months without rest.
A big fish turned into a big bird looooong ago, this bird was called peng.
by radi0bread June 12, 2011
To posses a banging fringe
omg, ur as peng as steph
by BC100 April 22, 2011
Stinky Skunk (weed)

Dervies from the Cockney Rhyming slang Pen 'pen & ink' meaning stink...
Oh my days bruv...i can smell that s**t from here...thats the Peng peng!!
by Dodgerman183 April 01, 2009
strong, smelly, hairy cannabis.

comes from the word "penging", which means smelly

it has nothing to do with do being attractive. but like most slang words used to describe good weed, now just means good.
"just got a fat 8th of some peng, check it"

"mate that shit looks dank! some sticky peng there"

"yeah man, lets go peng it"
by the_baker321123321 April 25, 2010

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